Truett Wilson MS Orchestra

Michelle Bell & Shannon Stevenson, Directors

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**From that page, click on STUDENT/PARENT LOGIN and type TWMSOrch. The password to enter your individual student's information is their NISD student ID number.

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Hi 5th Graders! Here's why YOU should be in orchestra next year! 


Hi 5th Grade Parents! Here's why your child should be in orchestra next year! 

To contact us by e-mail: mbell@nisdtx.org or  sstevenson@nisdtx.org
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What others are saying about the Wilson Orchestra:

“Orchestra has changed my daughters’ lives. It has helped them academically, emotionally, spiritually and the friendships they have made are ones that will last a lifetime. Not to mention their phenomenal teachers!” - Parent of 2 orchestra kids

“The Wilson orchestra program is phenomenal! Prior to 6th grade I don't know if my daughter had ever heard of a cello, but once she met Mrs. Bell and Mrs. Stevenson, she was fully engaged! This program meets students where they are (no prior musical experience!) and makes them successful musicians. I highly recommend the orchestra program at WMS!” - Parent of an orchestra kid

“My daughter participated for three years in the Wilson orchestra program. I've seen her grow from "plucking" the strings into being able to read extremely complicated sheet music. I'm amazed at her progress, and more importantly she's proud of herself for being able to play at that level. It's important for a student to feel successful, and I'd say the orchestra program promoted success from Day 1.” -Parent of an orchestra kid (now in HS!) 

“My favorite thing about orchestra is playing music with my friends.” -Beginner Bassist

“My favorite thing about orchestra is that we all work together and play music as a team.” 
- Beginner Violinist

“My favorite thing about orchestra is how great each instrument sounds on its own and how cool it is when they are played all together.” -Beginner Violist

“My favorite thing about orchestra is the sense of accomplishment we get when we play a piece well. Being awesome is fun!” -8th grade violinst

“My favorite thing about orchestra is how fun it is, and how much fun we have in class.” 
-7th grade cellist