Future Choir Members


We are so excited you are coming to Wilson and joining the Wildcat Choir!
Here at the W we strive for excellence in everything we do and our choirs are no different!

We believe choir is for everyone, NOT just those who "can sing". 

We will teach you how to sing the same way the band directors will teach you how to play the trumpet and the orchestra directors teach you how to play the violin. It is a learned skill that takes practice. 

You don't have to have a good voice to be in choir. Mr. Quinene and Mrs. Yost will help give you the skills to help take your instrument to the next level. 

Below you will find some information to help you prepare for the 2019-2020 school year.


Our classes are all gender and ability based. Every incoming 6th grader will be placed in our Beginner Choirs. Guys will be taught by Mr. Quinene and girls will be taught by Mrs. Yost.

Having our choirs split based on gender helps us focus on each genders needs. Middle school guys are notorious for their voice changes, and by taking girls out of their choir class we are able to provide them a safe space for their voices to change, crack, break, and all of those other fun things the male changing voice does. That is also why Mr. Quinene is their teacher - since he's male he can empathize and help them navigate this change.


The beginner choirs will put in multiple concerts a year. They are typically in the months of  December, April, and May.

Choir is considered a Co-Curricular activity and performance is a part of the TEKS we are required to teach. All concerts are mandatory and we take 2 test grades at each one. 
One of the grades is for performance etiquette. With this grade we look for posture, stage presence, and focus. 
The other grade is for audience etiquette. Here we will teach your student how to behave in a formal concert setting and they are monitored to ensure they are using best practices.

The initial choir fee is $15. This will pay for your students choir t-shirt (part of their uniform for concerts) and their choir binder, pencil pouch, and pencils (we provide them 2). 

Trips are extra cost and that will be determined by how well we do with our fundraiser in November. The more money we raise for the program - the less expensive our trips can be!

Money, however, should NEVER be a reason a student does not participate. Scholarships are available for voice lessons (up to 50%) and we can also set up payment plans for fees and contests. Please do not be afraid to communicate to us if financial assistance is needed. 

I know this is a lot of information and if you have any more questions about what to expect when you come into the choir room you can always email Mrs. Yost at marie.yost@nisdtx.org

Can't wait to meet everyone and to have a wonderful 2020-2021 school year!