BBYF Scholarship-8th grade

"In the fall of each year, eighth grade students are asked to apply for a scholarship by completing an application which includes extensive information about their academic achievements, athletic activities, and extracurricular and community involvement from 6th through 8th grades. Each student is also required to write an essay on his or her favorite role model. Each participating school then nominates the two most worthy applicants for consideration by the Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation. On average a total of 230 applications are collected from school counselors and teachers for consideration each year. 

BBYF board members as well as past BBYF scholarship winners participate in the scholarship review process, which ultimately results in the selection of the 34 students who will receive scholarships. Scholarship winners, remaining finalists, and school counselors and staff are notified of the results in March, and all finalists and winners are recognized and honored at the Scholarship Celebration in April. Whether a student is an applicant, finalist, or winner, the BBYF scholarship program's application process provides a window into the reality of the availability of college scholarships and alerts student so the importance of academic achievement throughout high school. 

The Bobby Bragan Youth Foundation continues to communicate with its winners, encouraging them to do their best during their high school years. Many students go on to apply for other scholarships during high school, thereby maximizing their potential for a quality education." 

Students will receive information in their ELA classes, but the information can also be found below. 

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