Cyberbullying happens on web sites, in chat rooms, in blogs, through e-mail, on voicemail, and through text messages.

The definition of cyberbullying is: The use of different forms of technology to hurt, embarrass, or ridicule a person

A cyberbully can be a schoolmate, former friend, or complete stranger. Here are some steps you can take to prevent cyberbullying:
  • Ignore the bully. You do not have to respond to a bully's text or e=mail.
  • Block messages. Block e-mail addresses, screen names, or phone numbers.
  • You're not alone. Talk to a trusted adult. Adults can talk to Internet providers or cell phone companies to get help without the bully ever finding out.
  • Save threatening e-mails or texts to help identify the bully.
  • If threats are made, ask an adult to call the police.
Did you know??? Harassment and threats online are illegal.