Ways to stop a bully

  1. Avoid the bully. Avoid places you know he/she will be.
  2. Ignore the bully. Walk away; bullies want a reaction. Don't give them one.
  3. Be confident, not aggressive. Use a firm voice to tell the bully to "Stop."
  4. Practice - Work with a friend of adult to practice how to best handle a confrontation.
  5. Hang with friends who will stand by you. Join school activities to make more friends. Stand up for your friends if they are bullied.
  6. Believe in yourself. Good self-esteem helps you cope with bullies
  7. Distract the bully by changing the subject or making a joke.
  8. Don't bully back. Fighting back will likely get you into trouble.
  9. Remain calm. Self-control gives you power.
  10. Avoid places where no adults are present.
  11. Leave expensive items at home.
  12. Don't be afraid to yell; the bully won't be expecting that.
  13. Tell a friend or trusted adult.
  14. Have your parents help you block the bully from your email.
  15. If the bully make serious threats, in person or online, ask an adult to contact the police.