Destination Imagination (D.I.)

"You're one step closer to experiencing an exhilarating after-school activity! Destination ImagiNation teams are tested to think on their feet, work together, and devise original solutions that satisfy the requirements of mind-bending Challenges."

Visit the NISD District DI site at:

See Noel McCauley for DI Questions.

DI Info.Registration form 18.19.pdf

Team Manager Checklist

1. Verify your background check with your campus liaison.

2. Attend Mandatory Team Manager Training ‚Äč

3. Contact Team Members and set up a time and place for practice.

4. Send your campus liaison an email with practice information.

5. Start practicing and be sure to include an Instant Challenge in every practice.

6. Have all team members fill out a Media/Medical Release Form.

7. Decide on Team Challenge and Team Name.

8. Register your team online. Deadline TBA

9. Turn in team forms to your campus representative.

10. Attend the Regional Tournament!


Imagination Rocks!! Go Wilson Wildcats!!