Summer School for High School Credit

Original Credit Explained: 

High school students who want to accelerate their learning can do so by taking online courses for original credit through Edgenuity, a web-based curriculum.  All work is online with the student working independently in a self-paced format.   Students are expected to complete online work on a regular basis within the web-based program.  Final exams will be scheduled at Northwest High School.   

 Per district grading guidelines, grades in original credit are awarded a numeric grade and will be factored in the student’s GPA.  Students need to meet with their counselor to verify the course is needed and that it will be accepted as credit towards a student’s graduation plan. Payment for such courses will be made by parents through InTouch.

 Courses offered through the NISD Summer Program are NOT in compliance with NCAA eligibility requirements, and if a student is seeking NCAA approved coursework, please consult with your counselor concerning other options such as TXVSN, University of Texas, or Texas Tech.