English Language Arts Department

English Language Arts Department

ELA Department Head: Heather Dodson
email: hdodson@nisdtx.org

6th grade team: Kelly Clower
Cara Sarlo

7th grade team:
Brittany Bryant
Andrea Folse
Helen Read

8th grade team:
Heather Dodson
Wendy Hunter
Angela Kokle

Welcome to English Language Arts at Truett Wilson Middle School!  Whether you are new to our campus or a returning Wildcat, we are so happy to call you a member of our Wilson family.  The English Language Arts teachers are anxious to journey with you through another successful year filled with discovery, reflection, and connections.  While there are certainly unique grade level TEKS with advancing degrees of difficulty, here are just some of the best practices and areas of study that students in sixth through eighth grade can expect each year: 
~Reading and Writing Workshop
~Wildcat Reading Challenge and independent reading
~Technology integration and product creation
~Greek and Latin word study
~Vocabulary and grammar study
~Book Clubs and Literature Circles
~Critical writing using text evidence
~A wide variety of texts with an emphasis on expository and non-fiction
~Socratic Seminars and high levels of questioning 
~Cross-curricular activities
~Purposeful small group discussions and assignments
~Writing in various formats including narrative, expository, persuasive, and analytical
It is a thrill to be a member of such an incredible team of teachers who believe that all students can be successful.  We are honored with the task of enriching students’ lives with beautiful literature and encouraging them to think critically through well-constructed writing.  Thank you for trusting us with your children and please contact us with any questions.