Food Services

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Our Commitment to Nutrition NISD’s Food Service department is committed to the health and well-being of our students by offering nutritious meals. A well-balanced breakfast and lunch plays a vital role in each child’s success. We believe in providing a best in class food and nutrition program by creating an environment that helps students flourish. 

Meal Deal Prices

Breakfast Deal Prices
Elementary and Secondary Students: $1.25 
Reduced Students (all grades): $0.30 
Adult and/or Visitor: $2.00

Meal Deal Prices 
Elementary Students: $2.10 
Middle & High School Students: $2.45 
Reduced Students (all grades): $0.40 Adult and/or Visitor: $3.25

Check or Online Payments 

Cash or Check Payments: School cafeterias accept cash and check payments. Payments may be sent to your child’s school to be deposited into his/her account. Checks may be split among more than one student if requested. 


Online Payment: Adding money to your child’s account is a simple three-step process. 

  1. Go to
  2. Create a user profile by clicking on the “Start Here” button on the home page. 
  3. Add students to your household - you will need the child’s name, birth date and student ID. 
  4. Now you are ready to make payments. 

A $1.95 convenience fee will be applied to the total at checkout. 

(Free & Reduced Program)
Meal Sense helps parents and guardians obtain nutritionally balanced, free or reduced-price school meals for their children through the National School Lunch Program. At any time during the school year, you may apply for your child to receive free or reduced rate breakfasts and lunches. Applications may be completed online or hard copy applications are available at each school office or at the Food Service office. 

A new application must be completed each school year. If your child received free/reduced priced meals last year, he/she will automatically receive the meal benefits for the first 30 days of school. After the 30 day grace period, only students who submitted a new application for the current school year and qualified for the program will receive benefits. 


Apply online at . You may download hard copy applications and view more information about the program at