Student Email Information

Student Email Information

As a school district with a focus on the future, NISD realizes students are using resources that require a district provided email address. Due to the educational need, NISD will be allowing students to send and receive filtered external email. It is our utmost priority that our students are learning and interacting in a safe environment. In alignment with this priority, student emails are monitored with two different filtering products for additional security.

Please refer to the following Frequently Asked Questions for more information:

How is my middle school/high school student using their NISD email address?
Northwest ISD strives to provide resources to prepare students in their journey to be future ready. Email addresses are one of the ways students are able to connect with universities, businesses, scholarship providers, and district Partners in Education. Students at the middle school and high school level, mostly ninth through twelfth graders, are using these email addresses to communicate with their teachers and staff regarding assignments, homework, and/or projects. Junior and senior students use email to contact universities for admission and scholarship information.
How might my elementary student use their NISD email address?
Email accounts offer the opportunity for students to apply their 21st Century skills in a safe environment. Students now have the opportunity to share work, communicate digitally with classmates, teachers, and parents.
What safety procedures will be in place?
Your child's education and security is a top priority in Northwest ISD. The district uses two filters to limit the spam or unintentional content your child receives. If a child receives an inappropriate or questionable email, they are encouraged to immediately notify an adult, and send an email to
What does filter email mean?
The district uses multiple email security systems to scan both inbound and outbound email for spam, viruses, appropriate content, attachments, and bulk marketing.

Is my child's NISD email account deactivated upon graduation or withdrawing from NISD?
Upon graduation or withdrawing from Northwest ISD, your child's NISD email account will be available for up to 90 days prior to deactivation. Please make arrangements at that time, especially if using for college applications or scholarship information, to change your email communication preferences. 
As a parent, will I have access to my child's email account?
Absolutely!  You may use your child's log in information from their district-issued device.  Your child's log in information is set up as:
            Log in - firstname.lastname
            Password - Intitials + student ID number
Check with your child for their log in information and password. 
What are ways I can help educate my children about email and their digital footprint?
The district encourages your partnership in discussing the importance of digital citizenship and appropriate use of email. At the beginning of each year, students and parents sign an Responsible Use Policy for district-issued devices and appropriate use of district email. 

NISD students learn about the importance of digital citizenship and making smart choices when using the Internet. In addition to specific digital citizenship curriculum and lessons, cyber-awareness education is ongoing to help our students to be prepared, responsible digital citizens. In today's digital world, it is necessary that your child is aware of the footprint they are leaving. Feel free to use the following website as a resource to discuss digital citizenship: The website provides trusted advice, innovative tools, and information for parents.

Parents are encouraged to be an active participant. Some strategies include logging in and reviewing your child's email account and corresponding with your child via email for additional practice.

Will there be limitations on how students use email?
Email should be used for educational purposes only.

Can students use their NISD emails to create accounts for web-based services?
Students have the ability to create accounts for web-based services approved by their teachers as long as they are in accordance with the terms and conditions of the service.